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Not All Therapy Is The Same

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What makes us successful is that we realize every patient is unique. We continuously adjust our treatment approach to push through plateaus, overcome stubbornly tight and inflamed tissue, restore strength to weak muscles, and help you restore and regain your function.

For patients who have not responded well to physical therapy in the past, our therapists meet the challenge head on with their experience, training and knowledge.

It's a rewarding experience for our staff to help you overcome your disability and pain and return you to your "normal self".

Although health care coverage isn't getting any better, Broadway Physical Therapy still makes your care our #1 priority.

  • We focus on functional activities for your rapid return to work, play, and everyday activity.
  • We treat our patients with compassion and understanding as if they are our own family.
  • We develop one-to-one, individualized treatment programs that ensure compliance, continuity of care and maximal results.
  • We provide you with a home maintenance program to maintain the positive results obtained in the clinic.

You can count on us to get you back
to where you want to be.

Call 201.437.0313 for an immediate appointment.

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